Journal entry#7 Summary

March 18, 2019

Flores, in his article “Making Millions off the 30-Million-Word Gap”, debunks a widely held belief that the low-income children of color hear 30 million less words than the rich-family peers. He argues that this widespread bipartisan-supporting campaign for diminishing the so-called Gap is totally groundless and misleading. This is a well-written and organized argument essay which uses a layer-clear framing in making the argument that clearly and logically explain writer’s reason behind a given viewpoint.  His introductory paragraph introduces the topic and thesis of the essay, and his body paragrphs discuss the pros and cons of the thesis statement. He uses counter argument to present, explain, and then suggests to be untrue in the refutation. He utilizes framing devices demonstrate the power of reason but also the emotion against the ridiculous “Gap” hypothesis. His article on framing an argument introduces a linguistic and rhetoric aspects of persuasion. In the last paragraph, Flores sets a pre-emptive argument which is powerful.

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  1.   Eunjeong Lee said:

    Tao, you did a good job of summarizing Flores’s argument, and you were able to pinpoint exactly how Flores made his argument. What is less clear however is what you mean by “a layer-clear framing.” I wish you had been able to explain more about that since this is an important element of this week’s blog entry.

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