Journal entry#3 Englsih200

February 10, 2019

English is not my mother language, so my journey of English literacy is not ease.  This week’s texts of three different reading about writing and composing offer me a wide and full range of understanding the gradual changes in modern literacy.  New technology has increased the intensity and complexity.  I will meet more challenges in my literacy navigation, and in the meantime I can make good use of the various new gadgets to enhance my efficiency of writing.   Different people have different ways to find new idea and get the inspiration mentality that let them feel dewy and thrilled in the essay writing. Not everyone can write and compose with being in noise atmosphere.

Journal entry#2 English 200

February 10, 2019

Porter’s “From a History and Poetics of the Essay” is an eye-opening story about the evolution of essay which we, as a student or everybody, almost everyday, are writing.  Through reading this essay, I can obtain the original understanding of essay which means ” no other genre is as infinitely adaptable as the essay”.(Porter)  The original essay is written by the authors who are in unrestrained gallop through creating prose focusing on their own personality, their feeling and their personal sensation. Porter let me know that the “essay” has a exploration or an intimate process.  Essay is “capable of turning the mind inside out”, and” a reflection of the human mind caught in the act of thinking.”(Porter)  Essay has nonlinear quality and its payoff is recognition. Essay is a kaleidoscope of writing and literature which “occupies an odd place in the history.”

The institutionalized essay diverges from not only the feeling of writers but also the natural instincts of author’s human thoughts. The long history evolution of essay models today’s format one which complies with the human “order” and “rule” and becomes fixed and structured excluding the adaptable nature.

As a debut English writer, I have my own thought and belief which gives me the value of how to see the world and making me have individual perspective to observe the world. I want to express my thinking and carry our the act of think. However, ironically I have to obey the format and rule of essay writing which is constructed with five sections ” introduction, hook, thesis, body, and conclusion.”




Journal Entry#1 English200

January 30, 2019

When I heard George Orwell’s name, I was genuinely surprised and  intensely curious about that our professor recommended us an article about writing of his at our first essay writing class of new semester.  In my deep-rooted mind, Mr. Orwell is a political writer and more a fighter against totalitarianism, especially in recent year his great name is often mentioned by the free world after the Chinese Communist Party announced the abolition of presidential term limits and began to censor social-media strictly through new technologies just like that happened in  George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984.  It seems that my homeland will go back to the terrible old days like today’s north Korea.

After reading it three times, this professor-recommended amazing article “why I write” enables me to have a further understanding of the author’s inner world and deepens my understanding of his works.  The most important thing that I obtain from this article is why Mr. Orwell writes, meanwhile I am deeply moved by the author’s great conscience in writing with his decent personality and his strong will to write without violating his literary instincts. It is an eye-opening article to present us a panoramic view to author’s hard spiritual journey and experience in writing. I ask myself why I have never heard of this article before and now I more understand why people need teacher.

Mr. Orwell writes for his own “happiness.”  He is endowed with the talent and spirit of writing. He loves writing. The great turbulent historical era and his perseverance developed his talent and finally made him enjoy a widespread reputation.

Mr. Orwell does not deny his weakness of humanity in writing journey, but he belongs to “the minority of gifted, willful people” who are “serious writers” overcoming the “sheer egoism”.

Mr. Orwell writes for his pursuit in writing beauties.  In his mind, writing is art.

Mr. Orwell has strong desire to write for exposing the truth that may be hidden, obstructed or otherwise unknown through his tireless effort for the generations.

Mr. Orwell’s writing for political purpose outweighs his other motives because he wants to empower his readers with the widest information that they desperate need to alter idea and inspire change towards the better human society. He said ” What I have most wanted to do throughout the past ten years is to make political writing into an art.”  He has created many great “political” art works indeed.  Scott Adams said: ” Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Although I cherish all the writing motives of Orwell, I have no an agile mind and facility for language like him. I am always on the journey in pursuit for improving my writing in English.








The First argument is about the speaker’s feeling and self gut reaction when they speak different language at some sphere;  while the second one is that they talked about other people’s reaction when they use different language. I like the first one. Because I have the same experience and feeling.

Amy Tan, the author of “Mother Tongue” , who through a very humorous and interesting story illustrates how she struggles with her mother’s “Fractured” or “Broken” changeable using of English and the interaction with her mother in daily life. She seems to find the underlying determination of linguistic identity.  Amy uses many repetitions and parallels in this story to emphasize that English comes in various forms and actually there is no right type of English, so there should be no prejudice to different speakers. Language identity flexibility is not only an interesting question, but also a key feature of the human communication.

My Journey of English learning

September 12, 2018

In China, English language is a mandatory subject in school.  I have been struggling with English class throughout my primary and most of my secondary education. At that time, English learning is a great burden for me.

As my growing up, I gradually realized that English is a very useful international language. If I can speak good English, I’ll have little difficulty travelling around the world. And If I can read it, I can acquire firsthand information about what is going on in the world which can broaden my mind and make me eye-opening.

Fortunately, I had a patient teacher in my high school time. Rather than scold me, he kept on encouraging me and made me become very interested in learning English. With his help and my perseverance, my English improved step by step.  Mastering English, however, cannot be done overnight. It takes time and patience.  My English teacher told me that there was no shortcuts to learning a foreign language in a non-English circumstance.  He emphasized that perseverance was always the necessary characteristic I should learn to have forever.  It takes much hard work, but the reward is well worth the effort.

Now, I can study in American college, even if I still have some problem in speaking proper English and writing essays with little error, and mastering a vast range of vocabulary. I believe that I can furtherly  enhance my English level by reading more original English books, watching more English videos and using proper English in my everyday communication with my peers and teacher.

The narrator, a poor naive girl and all her non-English-speaking immigrant classmates had been suffering from her teacher’s severe reprimand merely due to their accented English for long time that made them burden strong sense of inferiority.  The self-pity girl even felt shamed of almost everything and every situation that she have to face in daily life.  How  serious pride hurt the teacher bring to the poor students !  Was the teacher just as unhappy with the inability to commit as the students he hurt?  In nowadays view , no matter from which angle people look , the teacher should and must have many totally different efficient ways and methods to encourage students to study hard and make progress in their learning English and correct their pidgin English pronunciations without setting humiliation to students in class.

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August 29, 2018

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